Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your salt produced?

Unfortunately due to NYS regulations, we cannot currently produce our own salt. With the exception of a few of our specialty locally-crafted tasting salts, we wholesale most of our salt products from the Pacific Northwest, because we know our buddies out there are as diligent and focused on quality as we are. As noted in many of the product descriptions, most of the sea salts are harvested locally to the wholesaler, imported from Italy or produced directly from the source. We are continually working very hard to source as many products as possible from small local artisans and businesses. Eventually, we plan to infuse the salt ourselves so we can try some new dynamic flavors and combinations!


What do you mean by 'NYS Regulations?'

Well, while Syracuse sits on a whole bed of nutrient-rich salt, the process primarily used to obtain it here in New York State is called Fracking. Two reasons we have an issue with that - 1. Fracking can cause all sorts of problems for the groundwater and surrounding community, which we're not really cool with, and 2. Neither Libby nor David could operate (see: lift) any of the machinery used for that process -- even if we wanted to. 


How do I know I'll like the salt if I can't taste it first?

If you like the sound of it, chances are pretty good that you'll like the flavor. The beauty of our salt is that you control how much of the flavor/taste it produces by altering the amount you use. None of our salts are overpowering enough to ruin a dish if the flavor isn't your style, but you won't have to worry about that anyway! All of our products have been diligently sourced, selected, taste tested and approved by David & Libby. 


But, I thought salt was bad for you?

Au, contraire! We humans need salt in order to live. You know when you're watching those super sad Sarah McLachlan SPCA commercials and you start to notice some inexplicable (ha!) wetness coming from your eyes? Well, you've probably noticed that it's also pretty salty. This is because the average human body has around a cup of sodium chloride (salt!) present in the body at any given time. We're no biologists, so check out this page for more information and resources from people who actually know what they're talking about when it comes to salt, and how much of it you should/can have.